Perfect Curve's digital strategy for Twenty Twelve is hilarious but also rings true

Perfect Curve’s digital strategy for Twenty Twelve is hilarious but also rings true

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Perhaps the best thing about the run up to the London 2012 Olympics is the BBC’s satirical view of the planning for the games: Twenty Twelve. And the highlight for many in the show is PR firm Perfect Curve, and Head of Brand Siobhan Sharpe. I’m sure to many people not in the industry Siobhan reflects elements of what they imagine those in Brand and Communications are like. To those of us in the industry she is a hilarious parody.

But whilst we may laugh at her ideas and the way she mixes metaphors and bad ideas, often there are elements of truth in the way she behaves. Her social media strategy is a good example of this.

Perfect Curve’s Digital Strategy – Twenty Twelve – BBC Two

We can laugh at Siobhan’s suggestions, mispronunciation and seemingly endless list of sites and tools they are using, and it is certainly a parody taken to extremes. But her ideas are not too far from some social media plans and strategies that I have seen.

Siobhan’s ‘strategy’ (such as it is) appears to be to list of every possible social tool and site that is available (including MySpace) and then saying that they will engage people there. Funny when you hear her say it, but too often this is the way that some brands can approach social media – rather than focusing on their objectives and a clear understanding of their audience they decide the channels they need to be on and then search for a way to use them. And all too often these brands are spreading themselves thinly across multiple channels rather than focusing on the ones that will best help them to meet their objectives.

It is funny to laugh at Siobhan and to think that this is not the way that anybody would behave and act, but as with all good satire it is grounded in truth. Too many brands have social media strategies that are perhaps closer to the suggestions of Siobhan from Perfect Curve than are truly founded on where the brand could get strategic value from social.