How to stop people falling off the 'Engagement Cliff'

How to stop people falling off the ‘Engagement Cliff’

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This week’s Social Media Thinking comes from Christopher Lomas. As well as his thoughts on social media strategies and marketing, the video below expresses quite neatly a problem with many campaigns and marketing activities in social media. They engage people, get them excited, but only for a short time. What happens after the campaign or when the focus of the marketing activity changes? They risk what Lomas calls the ‘Engagement Cliff’.

If you have engaged people for a campaign, or attracted them to you through a discrete activity you will always face a problem of what to do with them on an ongoing basis. Maybe they joined you on Twitter or Facebook purely for that money-off voucher – they’ll quickly go away if there is nothing of interest for them in the longer term. Or maybe they engaged on a campaign they found fun or distracting, how do you keep them.

This is a big challenge for social media marketing – how you break away from campaign-based relationships to having something longer term. How do you take people from campaign to campaign or keep having a mutually beneficial relationship after a campaign is over? How do you stop people falling off the ‘Engagement Cliff’?

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Photo credit: Les Calanques by T. Lilly