How do you make client case studies truly engaging? Google knows how

How do you make client case studies truly engaging? Google knows how

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For agencies and consultancies, client case studies tend follow the same format – they describe a problem that the client had, then describe in superlative detail how this problem was fixed and end with a quote saying how good the agency is. Some are more convincing than others, but they rarely make for interesting reading. Which is a real shame – the enthusiasm and passion is lost in the formulaic need to describe your products and services.

And this is a real disappointment.

Once great example of a good client case study at the moment is this Google advert in the UK for their Chrome product – showing how they have supported the Cambridge Satchel Company.

Whilst the production qualities are clearly very high, there are two simple ways that this works as a case study that we want to watch again and again:

  1. It’s a story not a template. Brands need good storytellers, not content producers or writers but people who can tell a story. This case study from Google doesn’t follow the problem-solution template; rather it tells a story, taking us on the journey of business start-up to success. Stories are engaging and telling any case study as a story will immediately make it more interesting.
  2. It shows passion not product. Whilst potential buyers want to understand the specifics of your product, the case study is not the place for this. Rather than labouring through the things that their products do (as you find in too many case studies), Google just show their product in action. They tell the key moments in the story with their product. This makes you want to find out more about what they do and explore more about them. It’s not about showing the detail of the product but sharing the passion.

Not many case studies that agencies and consultancies produce would make such great adverts. If they focused more on the story and the passion than on the template and the product then they might be more interesting to discover, and more successful for the people who’s services they sell.

Photo credit: Runaway on the Runway