Help me to crowdsource a mini-break in New York

Help me to crowdsource a mini-break in New York

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Earlier this year I wrote about whether people would crowdsource personal decision making; would they let others (including people they don’t know) help them to reach an answer to a personal question or design an experience for them. In essence I am interested if we would naturally behave in the way that brands want consumers to behave with them in social media.

Travel is an area that interests me here – when you travel for leisure it is typically an important purchase (in terms of cost and time) and so one you want to get right. Yet discovering new ideas and things to do is still difficult online – you can read reviews of places once you know where you want to go, but true discovery and inspiration is difficult. Which is a shame as it is an area where others have so much support to offer.

So to test if you really can crowdsource decision making about travel I am looking for some help with a trip of my own. I know where I’m going (New York) and when (early January) and I’ve already booked a hotel, but I have no more plans. I’ve been to New York a few times so am looking for new things to discover, places that tourists might not always go to as well as things you think I really shouldn’t miss (just in case I have).

I want to create my itinerary based on recommendations from the crowd.